An Evening with Valentino Balboni

Velocity Honolulu

Recently, we had a lovely time with Valentino Balboni, the former chief test driver of Lamborghini. Valentino joined us for delicious food and wine provided by Chef Donato of Flavors of Italy Hawai’i, and the experience (both dinner and the company) was truly outstanding.

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Image Credit: Timothy Lum

Jaguar Land Rover Creates Surfboard From Recycled Plastic

How Jaguar Land Rover is committed to sustainability and waste reduction



It might sound like the start of a joke, but do you know how to turn a car into a surfboard? The answer is the “Waste to Waves” program, one part of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to working towards producing zero waste. Jaguar Land Rover Honolulu has more details on how it works here.

A transformative idea

When designing a vehicle, automotive design studios create models of what the final product will look like from clay and plastic—polyurethane, to be specific. While the clay can easily be reused, the polyurethane would normally be discarded, which is a shame as polyurethane can take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill.

As it turns out, surfboards are also made from polyurethane, and so Jaguar Land Rover formed a partnership with SkunkWorks Surf Co, a surf company in Northern Ireland that’s focused on minimizing our impact on the environment. Jaguar Land Rover gave SkunkWorks some recycled plastic from a Land Rover Discovery design model, and SkunkWorks hand-built an extraordinary board for Lucy Campbell, the English Women’s Open Surfing Champion surfer, who absolutely loved it.

When I first heard about this project I was so excited to be a part of it. The ocean is a big part of my life so helping to raise awareness of the need to preserve it is so important to me. I didn’t know much about the car design process and it’s been fascinating to learn about how Jaguar Land Rover is giving a ‘second life’ to its materials in this way. Getting out into the water and trying the board out for the first time was awesome.

—Lucy Campbell

See her try it out in the video below.

The start of something beautiful

That first board was no one-off—Jaguar Land Rover is now ensuring that all of the plastic it uses in its design models is reclaimed and recycled so that it can be put to good use as surfboards and paddle boards. Nor is the “Waste to Waves” the only part of Jaguar Land Rover’s recycling program. The automaker reuses the clay that goes into its models (even donating its excess clay to local universities so students can use it) and reclaims 50,000 tons of press shop aluminum waste each year, enough to make approximately 200,000 Jaguar XE body shells.

Jaguar Land Rover is committed to being a company that produces zero waste, and the whole Jaguar Land Rover Honolulu team is excited to see the innovations it comes up with along that journey.

Wherever your adventures take you, you’ll arrive there in comfort and style when you travel in a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle. To explore everything the automaker has to offer, don’t hesitate to call, contact us online, or visit us in person at 888 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96813 today.

Image Credit: Jaguar Land Rover

Audi and HERE Developing Next-Generation Navigation Technology

The partnership’s latest fruits can be seen in the new Audi A8

As the world around us becomes more fast-paced, knowing what lies ahead is more important than ever. Audi is developing advanced navigation technology for today’s world together with HERE Technologies, a map developer owned by a consortium of some of the world’s most innovative automakers. The new A8 sedan offers an array of technologies and services developed with HERE, and the best part is that Audi’s just getting started.

Here are some of the highlights of the new technologies available in the A8.

Map view with direct destination input

MIB2+ is the latest version of Audi’s modular infotainment platform and features the clearest graphics yet seen in the automaker’s navigation maps, combining 3D models of cities with realistic representations of many buildings.

New hybrid navigation

Route calculation takes place primarily on HERE’s servers and in parallel onboard the car in order to form an overall traffic picture within a region. Data is transferred between HERE and the car using LTE Advanced, currently the fastest mobile communications standard. This high-speed transfer allows the system to quickly generate detours or route changes when needed.

myAudi smartphone app integration

The myAudi app also uses HERE navigation software and synchronizes navigation destinations and favorites with the in-car navigation unit via the cloud. Customers can input their destination from their phone before even getting in the car and plot a route that takes them from their current location to their vehicle to their desired destination with no need for additional setup.

In the future, Audi will partner with HERE to incorporate traffic sign information and hazard information via car-to-X communication—and that’s just the beginning. Expect to learn more about Audi’s collaboration with HERE in the coming months, and visit Audi Honolulu today to explore the latest technology in the new Audi A8.

Image Credit: Audi

Lotus’ Latest Limited-Run Evora Is Also Its Most Powerful Road Car Ever

Only 60 editions of the new Evora GT430 will be available for sale in select markets

Lotus is no stranger to exclusivity. The British automaker has built a name for itself with its uncompromising approach to track-inspired performance and its penchant for jaw-dropping limited-run editions. However, it’s safe to say that the new Lotus Evora GT430 is the most distilled version of the brand’s fiercely individualistic ethos to date.

Powered by the newest iteration of the automaker’s 3.5-liter V6 supercharged and charge-cooled engine and available in a limited run of 60 units, the GT430 is both Lotus’ most powerful road-going model ever and one of its most desirable special editions yet.

The next evolution of Evora engineering

The Lotus Evora GT430 follows the critically acclaimed introduction of the Evora 400 and Evora Sport 410. While the new model’s horsepower doesn’t quite reach the heights of muscle car territory, power alone has never been the automaker’s domain.

Instead, the refined engine—and every other detail of the GT430—has been designed to deliver an unrivaled combination of power, elegance, and handling. It’s a true automotive work of art featuring handcrafted carbon fiber components that contribute to a new benchmark dry weight of 1,258 kg (2,773 lb).

The GT430 also benefits from a significant increase in downforce thanks to new and specifically designed body panels featuring exposed carbon weave sections. As with previous Lotus models, this supercar’s overall aesthetic is less outrageous and more assured than its more flamboyant competition. Highlights include larger front apertures, a new carbon fiber splitter, and air blades and louvers on the top of each wheel arch.

Blink and you’ll miss it

These improvements combine for a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph. The GT430 also set a new Evora lap record on the renowned Hethel test track with a time of 1:25.8.

With only 60 units slated for sale in select markets, obtaining one of these fabled supercars will be akin to a grail quest. However, the exclusivity should only add to the GT430’s mystique–and ensure it a spot in the Lotus hall of classics for generations to come.

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Images Courtesy: Lotus Cars

Jaguar Unveils Vision of the Future With FUTURE-TYPE Concept

One more example of the brand’s commitment to “Race to Innovate”

Cutting-edge technology. Incredible style. Outstanding performance. These aspects and more define the Jaguar brand, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that they’re embodied in the FUTURE-TYPE digital concept vehicle, a fully electric and fully autonomous vehicle that looks like it drove straight out of a science-fiction movie.

The key to the FUTURE-TYPE is the steering wheel

Looking towards the future (specifically the year 2040), Jaguar has some dramatic plans for how drivers will interact with the FUTURE-TYPE. For example, drivers will not only keep their steering wheel in their homes, but it might be the only part of the vehicle they own. Like-minded individuals may all share one FUTURE-TYPE, simply bringing their steering wheel (and their driver preferences) with them.

The wheel itself will be home to an AI named “Sayer” that will serve as an aesthetically pleasing HMI (Human-Machine Interface), one that can do everything you expect an automated assistant to do today and more. But there’s more to the FUTURE-TYPE than Sayer.

The car of the future means more of what you want, less of what you don’t

For some, a fully autonomous vehicle sounds like a dream come true, while others hunger for the thrill of the drive, so FUTURE-TYPE offers the best of both worlds: it will only be autonomous when you want it to (and when the unexpected arises, like an accident). Thanks to Sayer, the FUTURE-TYPE’s AI can even drive itself during the boring parts and suggest parts of the journey it thinks its driver might enjoy navigating.

In the words of Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar, the FUTURE-TYPE Concept is:

…part of our vision for how a luxury car brand could continue to be desirable, in a more digital and autonomous age. Our FUTURE-TYPE Concept is an advanced research project looking at how we can ensure an on-demand Jaguar will appeal to guests in 2040 and beyond.

Jaguar is making some exciting strides in the world of electric and autonomous vehicles, and the team at Jaguar Land Rover Honolulu simply can’t wait to see what it has in store for us next. To experience all of the technologically advanced and exhilarating new models Jaguar has in store for you right now, call, contact us online, or stop by and visit us at 888 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96813 today.

Image: Jaguar

The New Range Rover Velar Is Here

A dramatic blend of refinement, elegance and advanced technology

The newest member of the Ranger Rover family, positioned between the Range Rover Sport and Evoque models, is both instantly recognizable and a departure from the norm. The new model provides a spacious, calm sanctuary with premium materials, beautiful details, and all-terrain capability never before seen in the mid-size SUV segment—all of which were designed specifically for you.

Even more exciting, it’s now available at Jaguar Land Rover Honolulu.

Bold but sleek exterior

A substantial wheelbase accounts for the model’s imposing presence while the generous interior and 22-inch alloy wheels add to the dramatic effect. Slender LED headlights and flush deployable door handles exemplify the reductive design and contribute to a low drag coefficient of just 0.32, making this the most aerodynamic Range Rover yet.

All-terrain capability

The Velar also comes with a serious performance pedigree. An advanced chassis delivers comfort dynamics and all-terrain capability and the double-wishbone front suspension follows sports car principles for steering and handling. The result is an SUV with unparalleled capability and dependability.

Touch Pro Duo Infotainment System

State-of-the-art technology defines the Ranger Rover Velar. Front and center are the two high-definition 10-inch touchscreens that make up the new Touch Pro Duo Infotainment System. “This cutting-edge, consumer technology developed by our pioneering engineers provides an intuitive interface with unrivaled performance and functionality,” said Nick Rogers, executive director, product engineering, Jaguar Land Rover, and we couldn’t agree more.

Traditional dials and hard buttons are eliminated, further emphasizing the reductive design. With the available 12.3-inch interactive Drive Display, you can customize your display to prioritize key information, make and receive phone calls, and more.

Rear seat entertainment

This available system features two 8-inch screens located in the headrests that allow backseat passengers to play movies or music. And because each screen is controlled independently, passengers can always have their top choice playing (on repeat, if they like). The system has two USB 3.0 ports and one HDMI and Mobile High-Definition Link that supports most smartphones and smart devices. Two sets of WhiteFire® connected headphones and a wireless remote are also provided.

Wide variety of other features

The 2018 Range Rover Velar also comes outfitted with all of the latest functionality features that you didn’t know you needed. Mirror memory functionality and headlight stalk functionality make it easier to view what’s around you at all times, keeping you safe and secure on every road you take.

To test-drive the Range Rover Velar, call, contact us online, or visit us in person today.

Land Rover Debuts New Ingenium Powertrains for 2018

Innovation is a wonderful thing. What can be better than taking something that is already great and improving on it, thus making it the absolute best it can be?

Our answer is: not much.

That’s why Jaguar Land Rover Honolulu was excited to hear that two wonderful Land Rover models were receiving upgrades to their powertrain options: specifically, the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque. Both of these models are being updated for the 2018 year with 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Ingenium engines, which marks them as the first Land Rover models to receive these engines.

The Ingenium inline 4-cylinder is set to produce two separate power grades, one producing an estimated 240 horsepower and the other pumping out a smooth 290. This state-of-the-art engine will incorporate direct fuel injection, an integrated exhaust manifold, and a twin-scroll turbocharger, making it just as powerful and luxurious as anticipated.

“We are at the cutting edge of clean engine technology, and the introduction of these new engine options … reflects our ongoing investment and commitment to relevant, efficient engines for our vehicles,” says Jeremy Hicks, managing director of Jaguar Land Rover UK.

Well said.

For more information on the new Ingenium engine options or to schedule a test drive of any of our current Land Rover models, contact our team today. We’ll keep you updated about any new information regarding the release of the Ingenium-equipped models.

Image Credit: Land Rover (2017 Land Rover Discovery shown)

Don’t Miss Our 2017 Friends & Family Sales Event

Take advantage of our first ever Friends & Family Sales Event on August 26! This is event will take place for one day only and will feature friends and family pricing for everyone. Even better, if you drive one of our vehicles home on the day of the event, we’ll cover your first month’s payment on select models. (Up to $900!)*

Audi Honolulu works with you to meet your needs by taking the time to get to know what you want. As well as helping drivers find the perfect Audi match, our dealership also features a state-of-the-art auto repair shop to help you keep your Audi vehicle at its best.

These exclusive offers won’t last long. For more information about these and other offers during our Friends & Family Sales Event, stop by or contact us at Audi Honolulu today.

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The Featured Guest at our Grand Opening Event: The Stelvio

Discover the all-new 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The 2018 Stelvio is the perfect mix of Italian design and performance, one that’s sure to turn heads on every drive you take. While this luxury SUV stays true to its heritage with its high expression of style, it rides like no other.

That’s why Velocity Honolulu is so excited to announce that we’re featuring this all-new model at our Grand Opening event at our dealership this Friday, August 25. This is your exclusive invitation to come visit us from 6-9 PM to experience the style and power that is the 2018 Stelvio.

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD comes with a host of exceptional features, including:

Bluetooth® handsfree phone and audio
HD® Radio
Leather seats
8-speaker premium audio
An Alfa DNA Drive Mode System
Rear parking assist sensors

And more!
Be sure to RSVP here if you’re planning to attend. We look forward to seeing you at our exclusive event on August 25!

Image Credit: Alfa Romeo

Attend Our Next Moto Mixer Held every third Friday of the month

Mahalo to everyone who attended our first and second monthly Moto Mixer! If you missed either of these fun events, don’t worry—there are more opportunities to attend in the future. The mixers will be held every third Friday of the month, so mark your calendars now! Follow us on our Facebook page to stay updated.

At our August Moto Mixer, we treated guests to pupu platters by Gordon Biersch, beer from Aloha Beer Company, and acoustics from I Am Johnny Music. We also had one lucky raffle winner take home a Sixty-One Hawai’i Prize Pack!

Expect our future mixers to have similar amenities. See our video below for a closer look at our first mixer. We look forward to seeing you at our next Moto Mixer on September 15th!