Elegance Wrapped In Audi

Introducing the Audi A4

With elegance exuding from every curve and a high safety rating, the Audi A4 is perhaps the most well-rounded luxury sedan out there. Providing a pleasant interior with an array of brilliant high-tech features, this powerful machine delivers optimal performance in a well-built, eye-catching exterior.

The 2018 A4 provides a powerful 252-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine that delivers plenty of torque. Delivering grace on every front, owners will be impressed with its great handling and excellent ride. Thanks to Audi engineering, the A4 feels like it’s not even touching the road.


Balancing style and function, the Audi A4’s modern-looking cabin delivers plenty of space for all passengers as well as top-level features.

  • Among the available features:
  • MMI® display and MMI® touch
  • Virtual Cockpit
  • Bang & Olufsen® Sound System With 3D Sound
  • Three-Spoke Multifunction Steering Wheel With Shift Paddles
  • Wing-Design Wrap-Around Woodgrain Dashboard
  • Ambient Led Interior Lighting Plus Package

The Audi A4 creates a sense of refined luxury with top-tier comforts for all passengers to enjoy.

No matter where the road takes you, experience it driving a 2018 Audi A4. Visit Velocity Honolulu or contact us to schedule a test drive and experience 2018 Audi A4 for yourself.

Keep Cool this Summer Driving an Audi

5 Ways To Beat The Heat

With summer approaching, Audi has made it easier to stay cool with modern conveniences. Embrace the heat wave with Audi features created specifically to beat the heat.

Cool Down With Just One Touch

To ensure maximum comfort, Audi passengers can enjoy a multi-zone automatic climate control system. Intuitive, easy to use and effective in maintaining cabin temperature, the multi-zone system allows separate airflow to the driver and passengers. To regulate cabin comfort, temperature sensors help the system gauge the desired temperature and automatically reduce airflow to maintain optimum temperature.

Open To A New Experience

A nice touch to sunny days cruising down the streets is having the windows down and moonroof open. The Audi one touch panoramic power moonroof takes up a large portion of the roof exposing a crystal clear view of the beautiful sky above. With a single press of a button, the huge moonroof opens to let cooling fresh air in.

Wind In Your Hair

For those of you who truly appreciate being one with your environment, we introduce the Audi convertible. The acoustic folding roof allows you to put the entire top down so you can truly enjoy your ride. Cool off this summer with an abundant breeze whipping through your hair driving an Audi convertible.

Ventilated Seats

Passengers in the front seat relax in complete bliss as seats quickly whisk air away to quickly cool the occupant. Provided by certain Audi models, front seat driver and passenger can quickly cool to a comfortable temperature.

Pre-Conditioned Cabin Temperature

Before you ever step foot inside your Audi A3 Sportback e-tron®, owners can pre-condition the cabin temperature with just one touch. Simply download the Audi Connect® app and sync to your Audi. Among its many functions, this app can be used for remote climate controls when the
e-tron® is plugged in and charging; so you can cool down the cabin before you take a ride.

Visit Velocity Honolulu or contact us to schedule a test drive and experience all the ways to beat the heat for yourself.

* Not all features available in all models/trim levels. See dealer for details.

Capture It All

With The Latest In Vehicle Camera Technology From Audi

Do You See What I See

Cameras are just about everywhere, including your car. An article from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reads “rear cameras are more effective than parking sensors” and that “rearview cameras, soon to be standard on all new vehicles, can be expected to prevent nearly 1 in 6 police-reported backing crashes.”

To help increase awareness of your surroundings, Audi has already included the latest in-vehicle camera technology to keep you safe and to help prevent accidents.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the latest vehicle camera innovations from Audi.

Eyes On The Back Of Your Car

Making rear maneuverability and visibility easier, Audi installed a rear camera that is not only vital, but is soon to be a requirement on all vehicles. Connected at the helm, this full-color, high-definition, in-dash LCD screen display gives you an extra set of eyes on the back of your car.

This crystal clear image not only gives you colorful guidelines to help you reverse and park properly, it also allows you to be in complete awareness of your surroundings.

If you’re wanting to take it to a VR level, Audi offers an optional Top View camera system, a 360° view of the space around your vehicle via 4 cameras on the vehicle. Giving you a birds-eye view, this system stitches the 4 camera images together into one image to give you a complete view of your surroundings.

Night Vision Camera

An impressive technological innovation, Audi’s Night Vision Assistant technology uses a thermal imaging camera to make objects visible at night. The system uses an infrared camera to detect heat radiated by objects to significantly improve safety and comfort when driving at night. Not only does it point out dimmed objects in the road, it even automatically directs the vehicle’s active full-LED headlights directly at the dimmed objects ahead. Now there’s no need to be afraid of the dark!

Panoramic Rear Camera

Yet another option to increase visibility, Audi offers a Panoramic Rear Camera. This unique camera offers a wide-angle image to help see approaching traffic. Also, this camera increases awareness to approaching traffic coming around tight corners.

No Matter The Aperture, Gain Absolute Resolution

Not only do Audi models offer cutting-edge camera technology, they also offer an array of high tech safety features to keep you and your family safe on the roads. Like the cameras mentioned above, experience all that Audi offers test-driving your new Audi today.

Visit Velocity Honolulu or contact us to schedule a test drive and experience a unique camera system and innovation safety technology for yourself.

* Not all features available in all models/trim levels. See dealer for details.

Beauty And Tech Come In Different Hues

The 2019 Jaguar F-Type

Looks aren’t everything, unless you’re a 2019 Jaguar F-Type. Its timeless shape holds strong and makes the case that this model is ageless. This utterly distinctive 2-door, available as a coupe or convertible, is set to update tech and paint options in 2019.

Effortless Performance

Featuring an array of supercharged engine options, the F-Type has a reputation for being out front when it comes to performance. Definitely not a wallflower, its true sports car handling coupled with a torque vectoring system create an independent braking-controlled ride that makes handling tight turns seem effortless.

Updated With Hue In Mind

It’s time to paint the town in one of the 18 specialized color options from the SVO Premium Palette line. Whether you choose shine or have matte in mind, the new 2019 F-Type paint options create individuality.

And it doesn’t stop at paint options. The new 2019 Jaguar F-Type comes standard with LED headlights, automated emergency braking, lane departure warning, a backup camera and the upgraded InControl® Touch Pro™ infotainment system… just to name a few.

Discover Infotainment

InControl® Touch Pro™ is the most advanced multimedia system Jaguar has ever offered. Now standard in the 2019 F-Type, this system allows drivers to stay connected and effortlessly control a wealth of features on a stunning 10-inch LCD touchscreen. Swipe and pinch gestures make it easy to use when controlling this advanced system, while voice controls make it simple to deliver audible commands. To enrich the driver’s experience even further, the home screen is fully customizable and the system comes with Real Time Traffic Flow and the Spotify® apps. 

Drive The 2019 Jaguar F-Type

A vision to any beholder, the 2019 Jaguar F-Type definitely excites. From its tech-laden cabin to its touch of individuality, this exquisite model is one to admire.

Visit Velocity Honolulu and step outside your norm. Test-drive the 2019 Jaguar F-Type today.

Audi Debuts 2019 A6 at NYIAS

Taking place from March 30 to April 8, 2018, the New York International Auto Show 2018 was a feast for car lovers. In addition to the incredible concepts and legendary classics on display, many automakers debuted their newest models; and as we expected, Audi showed off a winner. Specifically, Audi introduced the 2019 A6, an intelligent, refined sedan that offers all the performance you could ask for.

Another perfect example of the automaker’s gorgeous design language, the 2019 Audi A6 offers drivers a look that’s both luxurious and understated. The 2019 A6 sports clean, sculpted lines that are as aerodynamic as they are attractive.

While the 2019 A6’s driving dynamics are nothing to scoff at, it’s the inside of the cabin that will excite all tech-lovers out there. The A6 comes with an MMI® infotainment system touchscreen with haptic feedback, which offers natural-language control. No more stilted commands to communicate with your technology – A6 drivers can say something as simple as “I’m cold,” and the vehicle will ask what temperature you’d like to set in the cabin.

The 2019 A6 wouldn’t be an Audi if it didn’t offer an incredible driving experience, and Velocity Honololu is proud to say this model more than delivers. An all-new turbocharged V6 is now paired with standard 48-volt mild-hybrid technology to increase efficiency, the steering angle has been increased to make it feel more direct, and a new damping system has been designed to make the A6 feel more agile and more comfortable (a tricky combination to deliver) no matter where your adventures take you.

Although the 2019 Audi A6 is not yet available to the public, Velocity Honolulu has a number of attractive offers available now. Call us at 808.457.1070, contact us here, or visit us at 888 Kapiolani Blvd. to discover how you can enjoy peerless Audi engineering today.

Miki’ao Nail Bar And KMK Hair & Makeup Now Open

Velocity Honolulu is proud to announce that Miki’ao Nail Bar and KMK Hair & Makeup are now open.

Miki’ao Nail Bar

Joining Hawaii’s leading eyelash studio, Kristin Wood Lashes, Miki‘ao Nail Bar, will offer natural and non-toxic nail services. Embracing the ideals of E Aho La, Hawaiian for “that’s better,” Miki’ao Nail Bar technicians are committed to offering the highest and best beauty standards while using the latest in nail art trends.

KMK Hair & Makeup

Also joining the premiere eyelash studio is KMK Hair & Makeup. As makeup and styling are Owner Kara Kearns’ favorite thing to do, KMK Hair & Makeup believes that your appearance reflects and illuminates your inner you. She’s dedicated herself to making all customers look and feel their very best.

To schedule an appointment, please visit:

Kristin Wood Lashes: www.kristinwood.com

Miki‘ao Nail Bar: www.mikiaonailbar.com

KMK Hair & Makeup: www.kmkhairandmakeup.com

Le Radici Brings Italian Cooking Back to its Roots

In Italian, “Le Radici” means “the roots.” This symbolic name was chosen to represent not only the philosophy behind the base culture but also used to describe the symbolism of setting down Italian roots in Hawaii.

The very best of traditional and contemporary Italian flavors coupled with the best of local produce and fine foods and top quality cuisine have been created to define a unique new concept of dining enjoyment in style.

The culinary consultancy by expert Michelin-starred Chef Gianpaola Raschi, under the guidance of Italian Cuisine Master chef Maurizio Roberti, bring you the finest in authentic gourmet foods and top quality Italian cuisine.

Apart from real and authentic traditional recipes from all regions of Italy coupled with superb Italian wines, the Italian chefs serve up unique signature dishes created as dining delicacies and dished up in foodie capital cities such as Milan, London, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Dining at Le Radici is like a culinary journey in Italy. This is the philosophy of “Le Radici” Signature Restaurant Honolulu, Hawaii.

Be sure to follow Velocity Honolulu’s Facebook page for updates on opening dates, hours, and menu offerings!”

Experience a taste of what’s to come in our images below:

Photo Credit: Oran Hassidim.

The E-PACE is Finally Here! (and It’s Available at Velocity Honolulu)

Jaguar is nothing if not determined. Like the sleek, powerful cat that it is named for, the brand tirelessly attacked its goal of creating a vehicle that could easily handle adverse conditions in any type of terrain. As was proven in a grueling 25-month test program that spanned across four continents, the extremely durable E-PACE lives up to the brand’s Art of Performance philosophy. And even more exciting, it’s now available at Jaguar Honolulu.

From Hot to Cold, and High to Low

From braving the biting -40°C temperatures of the Arctic Circle to facing the high altitudes and rivers of the most remote provinces of China, the E-PACE proved that it can dependably hold its own in any condition it’s faced with. Owners will appreciate the vehicle’s agility and performance, as well as how entertaining it is to drive.

A True Jaguar

“Our team of world-class engineers and dynamics specialists have meticulously tuned and developed a true Jaguar,” says Graham Wilkins, Chief Product Engineer of the Jaguar E-PACE. “Months of intense testing on roads and tracks around the world have delivered a compact performance SUV that is true to Jaguar’s performance DNA.”

For more information on the E-PACE, please feel free to call Jaguar Honolulu, contact us online, or visit us in person at 888 Kapiolani Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96813.

Image Credit: Jaguar

Introducing Slightly Alabama at Sixty-One

At Velocity Honolulu, we are committed to offering our loyal client base experiences that revolve around the entire luxury experience. Recently, we introduced the island to Slightly Alabama, a purveyor of handcrafted, unique leather pieces.

Dana Glaeser, founder of Slightly Alabama, joined us for this exclusive debut event. Featured in GQ, Esquire, Dujour, and Good Grit magazines, Slightly Alabama produces bespoke goods made of genuine leather. These items are the ultimate in both quality and luxury, so they fit perfectly with our lineup at both Sixty-One and Velocity Honolulu. To learn more about Slightly Alabama, visit slightlyalabama.com.

Sixty-One is the premier gentlemen’s retail destination in Hawai’i, located at Velocity Honolulu. From skincare and barber services to handcrafted clothing, you’ll find everything here that you need to look your best. We’ve handpicked designers from around the world that are tailored to suit your unique style. We know what it means to be bold, confident, and rebellious, and our widespread collection of menswear and classically refined barber services will make you feel just as good as you’ll look.

It’s still not too late to RSVP for the official Grand Opening event of Sixty-One, so don’t delay. To RSVP for the Grand Opening, email us today! We look forward to serving you now and well into the future with the high-end luxury products you know and love.

Keep scrolling to check out some photos from the event, and be sure to check out our Facebook Page for even more fun event photos.

Why Ride: Do You Know How Easy it is to Get Your Motorcycle License?

Velocity Honolulu wants to show you the way to freedom. Imagine cruising with your friends down the picturesque highways of Oahu, with the most beautiful vistas in the Pacific. It’s not that hard to do with our help. Getting your motorcycle license is as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Take the general knowledge test at the DMV to obtain your permit. The test is 25 questions long and you can study using the Motorcycle Operator Manual. Once you pass you are issued a motorcycle instruction permit.

2) Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic Rider Course. This is a three-day class that includes class time and a two-day weekend rider’s lab. A motorcycle is provided. Upon completion of this course, you are issued a motorcycle skills test certification for a waiver, which waives the motorcycle road skills exam by the DMV.

3) After you complete the course, present your certificate of completion and proof of identity documents to the DMV, pay your license fee, and enjoy your new motorcycle license.

Before you know it, you will be looking at the incredible lineup at Velocity Moto, South Seas Cycles, or Cycle City Hawai’i and thinking to yourself: “Yeah, I got this.”

Make sure to check out our Ready-Set-Ride Event for Velocity Moto, South Seas Cycles, and Cycle City Hawai’i from March 23 to 25. There will be hundreds of bikes to choose from, many with limited time event pricing!