See How Alfa Romeo Leads the Way in Manufacturing High-Quality Automobiles

Alfa Romeo is a name built on fine Italian craftsmanship. This brand has built its reputations on head-turning design combined with the highest-quality engineering, resulting in highly sought-after luxury models with a cult following. The designs may have changed with fashion, and the engineering may have changed with innovation, but the commitment to quality has never faded. Today, these modern luxury Italian automobiles are made using some of the most sophisticated manufacturing technology in the world at the FCA Cassino Assembly Plant.

Since 1972, the Cassino Assembly plant has built over 7 million premium models to be sold around the world. From the day the first model rolled off the assembly line, this plant has remained on the leading edge of manufacturing technology, constantly upgrading equipment and improving processes. The plant’s leadership and staff have always made it their mission to make Cassino a premium plant for the production of a truly premium product.

The plant itself is a combination of man and machine. In a facility that offers over 2 million square feet of state-of-the-art automotive assembly, more than 4,300 employees work hand-in-hand with the latest robotic machinery. The Body Shop alone houses over 1,300 different kinds of robots that enhance the precision and efficiency of their human counterparts. With expertly-trained technicians using lightning-fast robotics, the Cassino plant can produce as many as 1,000 luxury automobiles per day.

Not only does the Cassino plant feature premium technology; it’s built around a premium culture. The plant leadership recognizes that one of the most effective ways to build top-tier automobiles is to create a top-tier workplace. That’s why every one of the thousands of plant employees is empowered to be an agent of change. The senior staff works directly with those on the assembly floor in order to stay aware of every detail of the production process. The plant organizational structure uses smaller teams to encourage greater communication, so each team leader can focus on employee satisfaction as well as productivity. Finally, training plays one of the most important roles, thousands of hours of training are provided each year in the classroom and simulated working environments, as well as on the job.

This great attention to detail in safety and efficiency also extends to the environment outside of the plant. Following the global commitment of FCA plants for World Class Manufacturing practices, the Cassino Assembly Plant has made conservation a watchword. That’s why the plant can boast three big zeroes: zero waste, zero water, and zero CO2. Since 2000, the plant has sent zero waste to the landfill with all by-products from production processes being 100% recovered or recycled. In addition, all of the plant’s water usage comes from on-site water harvesting or recycling, and all of the energy usage comes from renewable resources, including on-site solar power generation.

All of this innovation and conservation is not easy to achieve, but it sure is easy to appreciate, especially when you consider the end result. Alfa Romeo makes some of the finest cars in the world, and it’s all thanks to the finest leadership and personnel in the industry. Velocity Honolulu would love to show you the end result in person. Check out our latest inventory online, and then contact our sales staff to schedule a test drive.

Image and Video Credit: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles