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A Look At The Jaguar Land Rover Lineup

The future looks bright for Jaguar Land Rover as electrifying changes are on the horizon. Starting in 2020, all new Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be offered with an electrified/electric powertrain. Looking forward to 2024 for Jaguar, we’ll see the addition of another SUV, the super-luxe J-Pace. For Land Rover, we’ll see the long-awaited return of the legendary Defender and a new all-electric, all-road version of the Range Rover, as well as the next generation Evoque. All of these models will be defined on the new high-grade aluminum platform, known as the Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA).

Jaguar J-Pace

Jaguar just got bigger with the addition for the J-Pace. After the success of the increasingly larger SUV lineup of the I-Pace, E-Pace, and F-Pace, Jaguar will continue with the trend offering the largest and most luxurious SUV yet. The J-Pace will borrow from the DNA of the Range Rover’s bones and muscle with the I-Pace’s efficiency. No doubt Jaguar plans to include an all-electric—or at least a hybrid—version of the J-Pace, as the automaker has recently confirmed that it plans to offer at least one such model for every vehicle in its lineup. Details are still pretty scarce, but it looks like we’ll have to wait to hear more as we get closer to 2020 when the J-Pace is expected to hit the streets.

Land Rover Defender

Marking the automaker’s 70th anniversary back in April, Land Rover teased the resurrection of the Land Rover Defender. The Defender aims to emerge on the market sometime in 2019, and it will emulate the naming convention of its predecessors, the Defender 90 and 110, so named because of their 90- and 110-inch wheelbases. However, Land Rover has made it clear that the Defender will represent more than just a new model, it will make up the third pillar in the automaker’s family, joining the Range Rover and Discovery pillars. The Defender will have multiple variants, including long and compact wheel bases with even a pick-up version rumored.

All-new Range Rover

We’ll have to wait until 2021 to see the next generation of the legendary Range Rover; but we know that one of the biggest changes will be the addition of variants using 48V mild-hybrid Ingenium gasoline and diesel engines, as well as a fully electric version expected to follow in 2022.

All-new Evoque

The next-generation Evoque will also get the electric vehicle treatment. This new Evoque will sit on the MLA platform, so it loses a lot of weight but maintains rigidity. That weight-loss will come in handy with the new plug-in hybrid version of the Evoque, which will offer enviable savings in fuel economy and a considerable reduction in its carbon footprint. Land Rover claims that the stiffer body structure will also offer a more comfortable ride. In addition, rumor has it that the new Evoque will feature the “transparent hood” technology that Land Rover teased several years ago. This feature will combine external cameras with the interior HUD projection to offer an unprecedented view of the road ahead.

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