Escape The Vapid. Experience Velocity Honolulu

Visit Velocity Honolulu on O'ahu, HI

Elegance, Exhilaration And Everything Excellent

The Velocity Honolulu experience extends beyond luxury vehicles. We offer our guests the best the world has to offer in every aspect, from fine dining to alluring apparel.

Treat Yourself To The Unforgettable

Before exploring the beauty of O’ahu, indulge at the enticing Italica Bar and Café, where world-class chefs prepare an unrivaled Italian dining experience. Guests are also welcome to exclusive glamour services at Kristin Wood Lashes or sophisticated style at the Sixty-One men’s boutique.

Maximize Every Moment

Prefer the drivers seat? Choose from our selection of the finest vehicles ever made as part of our Luxury Driving Experience. At Velocity Honolulu, it’s all about you, so we tailor our package to you. Browse our options and find the best match for you.

Elevate Your Event

At Velocity Honolulu, we welcome our you to take advantage of our exceptional Meeting and Event Services. Host a get-together of any size as your guests enjoy first-class service in one of our modern event and banquet rooms.

Choose one of our exclusive catering menus or have our chefs prepare your own customized dining experience. Then, join your party and enjoy the lavish atmosphere.

Take The Thrill Home

The Velocity experience extends from our premises and goes on through the island of O’ahu, in
Honolulu and Kailua. Elevate the Island life with a premier luxury or performance vehicle, including Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Enjoy the beautiful Hawaii landscape during a jaunt in a new Alfa Romeo or carve the Island’s hills in a heart-thumping Lotus. What every road you take, bring the Velocity Honolulu experience along for the ride.

Map of Velocity Honolulu